Wisdom House

The Story

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Wisdom House was born out of another venture my husband and I began together - Escape Rooms. Yep, no lie. You see, my role in our other business was to find the weird and unusual props that above all had to be durable. So I turned to all things vintage -- estate sales, backroads of Texas and Tennessee, cold calling people through various references, looking for anything vintage I could find. On a quest for a metal box that could “hold a fake arm,” without fail I would come across beautiful credenzas, vintage rugs, pottery, art, you name it. “Are you sure you don’t need this (insert beautiful item)?” For 3 years, I always responded politely that I was on a budget and looking for this very specific unremarkable item, and I would have to pass it up (save one set of mid century chairs I bought in Austin while we built a 3rd location in Waco. I just couldn’t say no).

Around this time, we moved into a beautiful old A-frame house on Wisdom Street. Built in 1937, everything creative in me started quietly stirring. I love this home. It’s a refuge and a place of peace for me and my family - even with its old pine paneling that I refuse to paint. Not going to do it. Nope. I’ve loved decorating and putting our own touches on this house. I’ve taken my time and little by little allowed myself to buy some of those beautiful pieces while on quest for a “really dirty old hospital bed.” Time and time again I would tell people about all the beautiful things I was finding and where they could purchase them for themselves. The response from people was almost always “I really love this I just simply don’t have the time.”

This is where the idea of Wisdom House was born.

My husband Lee, who has instilled a confidence in me that I can’t begin to explain, told me I should jump in feet first and see if I could turn this into a business. I’ve never doubted his belief in me. He makes me believe I can do anything. But that’s another story. The name came easy - Wisdom House, my place of refuge and peace.

My desire for Wisdom House is to not only provide a curated selection of goods for your home, but to also share with you how they can be used. I stage all my photos so you’ll know how they can work in your space. I’ll share latest design trends that I can’t stay away from, and do my best to provide with items that can work in your own place of refuge. I know the frustration of seeing something beautiful in the store, bringing it home, and then realizing it doesn’t fit and you’re not even sure why. Let me help you.

If you buy from Wisdom House, I want you to know exactly how you’ll be able to use it in your own home.

I may still be on the hunt for “rusted cages for a CIA lab” but along the way, you better believe I’m gonna snag that Turkish rug this time too.

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